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Christmas decorations studio 2021

Our studio on the Herengracht is back in Christmas spirit....

3 December 2021

Buurman and Buurman

Buurman en Buurman are also hard at work in the centre of Amsterdam :-)

11 November 2021

Fonds Fysieke Leefomgeving corporate identity

Introduction Fonds Fysieke Leefomgeving

Corporate identity by Admore.
Brand strategy and name creation by Admore and Idephix.

4 November 2021

1906 - Website and banner

New brand with a great story and delicious products: 

Strategy and name creation by Admore and Idephix. 
Corporate identity and website by Admore.

10 September 2021

Admore's new giveaways are in: sustainable drinking bottles. For our loyal (and new) customers at their next appointment. See you soon :-)

1 July 2021

Mach3Blocks Gold partner

Admore is a Gold Partner of Mach3Blocks.

With this, we design and build websites for our clients. 
Benefits: super-fast responsive websites, optimised for Google Pagespeed, certified hosting and user-friendly cms.

For examples, visit

29 March 2021

Cutting trees Herengracht

The trees opposite Admore are cut down. Nice text on van of 'loggers': GREEN MAKES HAPPY...

16 March 2021

Five questions for Tom Janssen

Answers in the form of cartoons. Nice interview with 70-year-old cartoonist Tom Janssen today in Trouw. Appeals to us image-thinkers.

4 December 2020

PYM corporate identity

Pleased and inspired by highly engaged clients, Admore created the visual identity for PYM - the Conscious Investors' Community.

27 October 2020

KRO-NCRV Plus e-zine July 2019

The latest edition of online magazine KRO-NCRV Plus is out. Would you also like an online magazine for your organisation? Feel free to get in touch. Admore will be happy to help you.

7 October 2020