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Today is World Water Day.
How much water does it take to make ....?

22 March 2024

On Valentine's Day, a message for our customers. You make our work special every day!

14 February 2024

Today is international LEGO day. Watch our short video (sound on). Recognisable? Who (or what) do you recognise?

28 January 2024

Admore Blue monday

Today is Blue Monday, the supposedly most depressing day of the year.
The formula for BLUE MONDAY according to British psychologist Cliff Arnall:
W is a measure of the weather, D for debts, d for monthly salary, T for how long ago it was Christmas, Q represents how well one still keeps one's good intentions, M for motivation level and Na for the feeling of taking action. 
The formula for ADMORE BLUE is slightly simpler :-)

15 January 2024

Happy holidays and a happy 2024!

20 December 2023

Animation logo transformation Nieuwkoop

Admore has given Nieuwkoop Europe a fresher and more modern visual identity.

Restyling logo and updated brand guidelines, based on vision and strategy for the future, without losing the familiar identity.

3 November 2023

SevenGen corporate identity

Admore designed the visual identity for SevenGen Investment Partners.

SevenGen is a sustainable investment firm. Their mission is to make impact mainstream. The name SevenGen, developed in collaboration with Idephix brand engineers, is inspired by the Seventh Generation Principle, which is based on an ancient Haudenosaunee (Native Americans) philosophy. It teaches us to make decisions today that should result in a sustainable world for seven generations in the future.

10 October 2023

XSML corporate identity

Admore has designed the new visual identity for XSML Capital.

XSML Capital are partners in growth for entrepreneurs in frontier markets in Africa. They provide tailored expertise, network and funding, focused on nurturing local talent and bringing sustainable and fair prosperity to disadvantaged markets.

5 October 2023

Neeltjebespaart corporate identity

Our brand strategist Ilan Roos has launched a great initiative:
Neeltjebespaart (a true thrifty woman from Zeeland) offers companies and organisations the opportunity to structurally do something about their employees' energy bills while contributing to a sustainable society.

Admore enjoyed creating the visual identity.

14 June 2023

KLM Health campaign

"Everybody healthy? "Admore developed this campaign for KLM's health programme. Periodically, various themes are brought to the attention of employees and managers.

16 May 2023